Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Paintings I Have Not Mentioned

On The Edge
30 x 18 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

I was updating information to be able to reprint my inventory sheet and it dawned on me I have finished a lot of paintings since I last updated it. And many I may not have mentioned beyond my FaceBook page. Marketing isn't easy for artists. We would rather be painting. And evidently I have been. It was in March I made a decision to do another local art fair and on a subconscious level I began painting for it.

Over the Edge
18 x 24 Mixed Media on artists canvas

Part of the paintings I forgot to post anywhere were my little ones. My trucks. And yet the trucks came out particularly nice. But it is easy to paint two or three of these.

Big Blue
13 x 17 Mixed Media on Artists canvas

Big Green
12 x 16 Mixed media on Artists Canvas

TX Ranch Truck
14 x 18 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas

But it would seem I also forgot some of the bigger ones. I wanted to do a process blog for White Rain below and realized I had not taken progress photos except on my tablet. I am going to blame it on Spring. My head obviously was into just painting.

White Rain
20 x 24 Mixed Media on Artists Canvas
Now I need to get to that inventory spread sheet.

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  1. Your productivity boggles the mind. Always a treat to see your work.


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