Friday, June 17, 2016

Week 24 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 162
Skunk Cabbage

This week almost became all about clouds and then it stopped raining in the afternoon. It did make all the flowers bloom so next week will be all about flowers. And all flowers. And in a few days it is going to start the afternoon thunderstorms back up so I expect there will be more clouds.

Day 163

Never totally understood why it is Montana is the Big Sky state and we aren't. Though Land of Enchantment fits. People who live here seem to be under some sort of spell. We don't want to leave. It is one way you can tell a true resident from those with summer homes here. We stay and they move back to Texas.

Day 164

 My father used to maintain you only had to drive ten miles to have the scenery change or wait ten minutes before the weather changed. Dad could have been a stand up comic. And he was prone to exaggeration. It is really more like 30 miles and 30 minutes on an average. But if you are talking skies in the spring and summer ten minutes is stretching it. You can literally sit on your stoop and watch the thunderheads bloom over the mountains and change shapes and sizes and colors.

 And if you are bored must look north instead of south or east instead of west. Recently I heard the rain on my metal roof and when I looked out of the studio window there was not a cloud. I stood in the rain and looked overhead and it was a huge black cloud. I usually photograph them when there is more color involved.

And that is not difficult to find.

Just wait ten minutes.

Day 165

Day 166

Day 167

Day 168

Hope you enjoyed the clouds without commercial interruption.

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