Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 23 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 155
 Spring time in the Rockies again. We do spring/winter until suddenly it is summer. But I am not complaining. There are the awesome clouds over snow capped mountains or greening up forests to make it all worth while.

Day 156

 When I lived in the south I noticed the world was all the same shade of green. My friends in North Carolina thought I would be happy to be away from the arid southwest and all the browns. Not. I really missed those reds and ochres and browns and oranges. But I also missed our greens. There are just so many hues of green in a New Mexico landscape. Southerners will never understand.

Day 157

And clouds. The south gets storm fronts. We manufacture them here in the southwest. We blend the moisture up from the Gulf of Baja with our currents over the tall mountains and produce afternoon thunderstorms. They are awesome. The moisture helps the wildflowers bloom.

Day 158

Speaking of greens there are several shades of it in the photos above and below.

Day 159

And again the snow capped mountains with clouds.

Day 160

And the cloudless sky of a New Mexico morning. No, I did not photoshop that blue in. That is the color of the skies here.

Day 161

The La Cuerva mission church is destined to be a painting.

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