Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 26 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 176
Aspens in the spring

And with this week half of 2016 is gone except in memories and photographs. And posts on social media. So little time seems to separate us from winter here in the highlands but in reality it is a full seven months. It is just that winter seems to linger and summer seems to speed past. Never quite understood the lazy, hazy days of summer in song.

Day 177
The Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

 Because of the crush of tourists I do not get out much in the peak of the summer season to the places they go. I have to be on my way to someplace else for a real reason. And then I stop and take a few photographs along the way. September and October are my prime photography treks. But I had to go to Cimarron and that meant going through the state park. I went mid week and early enough most everyone in the camping grounds were just stirring.

Four of the pictures this week are from that brief few stops. In the canyons and the high mountains in June the greens look so new and fresh.

Day 178
Cimarron River at base of Palisades

 It is not full wildflower season yet, though that is hard to define. With the changes in altitude and canyon vs mountain tops there are many small ecosystems. Oddly enough the wild evening prim rose in my yard has not bloomed yet but in the shelter of the canyon I was able to catch one of the early blooms.

Day 179
Evening Prim Rose 

 Below is my photograph of a deck chair. I seldom have time in summer to enjoy them except as a photographic subject.

Day 180
Old deck chair

 I have photographed deck chairs a lot and the Palisades too. Still looking for the definitive capture of both. Loved the light on the cliffs below. 

Day 181
Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

In the summer the chipmonks in camping areas pose. They are waiting to be fed by the campers or for them to move on after breakfast and leave crumbs. I used to always carry unsalted raw peanuts for them. Some, however, prefer M&M's. This one just seemed to want to catch the first sun through the trees.

Day 182

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