Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 25 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 169

I promised a week of flowers. I think it takes a long winter to truly appreciate the glory of spring flowers. And here in the mountains where I live because of all the variances in altitude they bloom at different times in different yards. In the nearby town of Angel Fire the poppies are already blooming. Mine are a week away.  So this might not be the only week of flowers.

Day 170

All photography is about the light but flowers in particular are canvases for light. Finding the right light on the right flower is in part luck. And it is also about knowing where the flowers grow.

Day 171

I spend most of my garden efforts on things I can eat but I have friends with gardens of flowers. The iris above are from one of those gardens. And the one below grows wild over my valley.

Day 172

And the chives below are in another garden. Chives are an herb and also a decorative flower. I used to have my chives in my vegetable garden but It is now in with the flowers. I loved this plant against the rocks.

Day 173

This black and white is of another wildflower. It is yellow with a sage green foliage, but I loved the play of shadow and light on the flowers and that showed best without the color.

Day 174

This wildflower grew up through pallets I have stacked on my yard in prep for making a deck. I had not seen it before in my yard but without the pallets I would have mowed this area down. I need to mark its location. I already mow a lot of my acres based on when the wildflowers bloom.

Day 175

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