Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fenomenal Foto Friday

If you are a photographer and you decide to visit Canyonlands or Bryce or Arches do go on line and get one of several guide books for photographers. The one my sister and I used went into detail about what overlook and what arch was best photographed at dawn or sunset or mid day. It will save you a lot of time and aborted efforts.

The above picture is Mesa Arch on the northern part of Canyonlands National Park and it is best photographed at sunrise. And so my sister and I started out in the predawn dark and drove up to the parking area and stumbled in dim light toward an uncertain edge to get our photographs. We were not disappointed. This is only one of several awesome photos I took of this arch before breakfast with my Nikon film camera. (pre-digital for me). I also have a photo taken of this arch in early afternoon and it is beautiful too. Just not as breathtaking. Though the two lovers standing under it do enhance it.

I remember breakfast in Moab that morning. I was starved by the time we got there. And I ate like a horse. Course that was true of much of our exploration of Utah parks because we hiked for miles hardly aware of the distances we had covered because we were so intent on taking pictures of this breathtaking landscape.


  1. You captured some amazing light in that shot. The photo and description make me itch to hit the road for some of my favorite Utah spots.


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