Friday, April 3, 2009

The Plan

I promised to post the sketch for this painting. This is done in Conte' crayon of which I just have a basic set of 5 or 6 colors so the colors are more of just a blocking tool here. And when I transferred it to the canvas I moved it to the right about an inch plus so there is more arch wall on the left and less on the right.

I have decided to post progress photos of this painting if I don't ruin it so stay tuned. At this point I have masked off the black and the center so that I can pour the red canyon walls.


  1. Very interesting, your rough sketch.
    Will be eagerly awainting the finished

  2. Just did my two big pours for the arch and hopefully will post a progress photo tomorrow on that. Coming along nicely at the moment. Black shadows next after cliffs are thoroughly dry.


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