Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open for Business

Now I need an "Open" sign to be put up and taken down. I also have plans to put flags on poles on either side of the gate to attract attention to the place. Now that weather is getting nicer it will not doubt get done. I would also like to make a more attractive and artistic gate. I have some old "barn wood" that might serve.

I have plans also for the "walkway" from the drive to the studio. I was going to do the pour your own paving stones but currently the broken shards of terracotta pots seems cheaper and easier. It is not shown in this photo but there is a goodly amount already laid out toward this gate. My sister and a friend are saving me their broken pots. And as the snow drifts melted away I noticed I had a few more myself.

In this new economy I am learning the true meaning of "Progress - not perfection."

Grand Opening for the Trains, Trails and Treasures Art Tour is Memorial Day.


  1. Oh; lookin' good...
    you need one of those flip over the gate sign, open, closed,
    l was looking thru some of your painting, and l came across the one with ppl on either side,with hoods,
    and tall canes? l could hear it, so spooky....
    love that one.
    lm so happy your studio is finally ready for business..
    all the best jacqui...


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.