Monday, April 6, 2009

I think this is it

There is another cloud in the sky for balance sake and some lines in the arch to define it more. And another wash over the distant pillars. And a patch of desert green in the front that I thought was just too rude. But all other changes were relatively minor.

I made most of the changes this morning after staring at it with a cup of coffee in my hand and then I walked around it all afternoon. So done. If any painting is done.

My parents had some I had done in college. Every time I went home regardless of the passage of years I could pick out what I would have liked to have changed about everyone of them. Some I wanted to trade out for later works but they loved them.

I'm a perfectionist and I can worry a painting to death if I let myself. I wonder if Michelangelo wanted to change anything about the Sistine Chapel?


  1. Jacqui, it's wonderful! Well done!

    It's hard to know when something is finished. In writing they say you're never finished editing, you just reach the point where you have to stop.

    Now I understand the same thing must apply to painting too.

  2. Definitely. I have done freelance writing too and there is a point at which you just have to stop and send it in. Not that many deadlines with paintings unless it is a commission or for entry into an exhibit but unlike writing you cannot go back to a previously saved copy after having screwed it up.

    But I even learn from my fabulous failures.

  3. WOW..What a difference a day makes.
    You have tweaked to perfection, my friend,
    with just a few additional lines and a cloud.
    I feel as though I am indeed at the keyhole
    looking out into the distance. Great job!


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.