Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Detail Added

As I said in the previous blog I worked on more of the distant detail yesterday and would post a picture of that before I began glazing it. All the pictures I have looked at in my preparation of this picture feature the arch most predominately. Yeah, they are pictures of the arch. But I also wanted the distant landscape to have a role in this painting. Not easy as the arch is so attention capturing. But I did a lot of tweaking yesterday; adding colors that are in the foreground to the background, making the sky more dramatic with the approaching rain.

Changes to the painting at this point seem minute. You might catch the differences between yesterday's post and this one by scrolling from one to the other.

I became obsessive I think. It is one of my traits that I sometimes think makes me a good artist and other times makes my myopic. It can definitely not be good physically. I exhausted myself yesterday putting on a few strokes of paint, setting the canvas up, walking away from it to study from a distance. Water media has to be painted flat unlike the oil paintings. Whoever said painting was a passive activity needs their head examined.

Anyway today I hope to begin the glazing of the distant landscape and adding detail to the canyon/arch walls. Hope I am not boring anyone here.


  1. no I'm not bored... fascinated and awestruck...

  2. I most certainly can see the differences with
    these latest tweaks. With the addition of
    more color to the keyhole background, you've
    achieved a deeper perspective of the distance
    involved. Can't wait to see what adding the
    glaze will do.

  3. I have to agree with Treesparrow. exactly what I think too.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.