Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moving Right Along

This is the painting with all the major blocks of color placed. The black around the edge of the arch went in first and then lots of masking to keep it from running into the sky which was next. Then the monuments and the foreground. After years of searching for a perfect high country green I discovered it by accident - Payne's Gray and Burnt Umber. Who would have thought it!

The black is not really black entirely either. It is Carbon Black with a great deal of Indian Red to make it warmer. And while it does not show in this photo when I lifted the masking up around the tear drop shape I ended up with a white canvas line which I then painted in with a black with even more red. Still it is a lot more black than one of my first college art professors would have let me get by with.

Since I took this photo I have done a great more refinement on my clouds and landscape beyond the arch. I will photograph that tomorrow morning when the light is good before I begin any glazing to give a sense of distance. The paint has to be very dry before I do that.

I think I got eager to see how it was going to turn out and painted too much today. My back and legs (painting this one standing up because it is on a low table - too big for my painting desk) are telling me things.

PS: Forgive my photography on this series. Notice the canvas is not even square to the camera.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the refinements and also what the glaze will do to the perspective.

  2. Just lovely. I am so enjoying this process with you. No need to apologize for the photos. It feels like we're getting a peek right into the studio. Thank you for letting us look over your shoulder.

  3. ... no wonder you are so tired today.. you've done loads... and written two blogs about it. Why is it that art teachers don't like you to use black.... ? Your rock teardrop inspired me with a photo today... will hopefully blog about it in the next day or two. (no aches national park in the background however... English countryside instead)

  4. I think some of the no-no's art teachers used to voice is changing. It is such a different world these days with the advances in media and medium. Still pure black or pure white is very difficult to work with in that in can overpower the whole.

    Glad I inspired you. Look forward to seeing the photograph.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.