Friday, April 3, 2009

The Next Step

This is my painting of Teardrop or Keyhole Arch after the first two pours or floats. Working in this large of a format I find it works best to flood the area with water and then drop on the high concentrated liquid watercolors and float them around with a combination of brush and tilting the canvas in the direction I want the "rock faults" to run. You can also "scare" color away from an area with a brush with dish soap and blow on puddles of color to get them to spread out.

I did this in right side and left side. For those that think this kind of handling of paint can speed up the covering of large areas of canvas you are right and wrong. Right in that a lot of paint goes on at once but wrong in that with manipulation of the surface and drying time it becomes a lot longer. I did the right side first and let it dry and then the left. Both have to be completely dry to remove the masking and paint in the black.

Thus far I am pretty happy with my results. The right has more red due to sun striking it but also to give the arch dimension. If both sides were the same colors it would flatten it out.

Tomorrow the black.


  1. Sharing your processes and posting the results
    of each phase is very interesting.

    I think it's looking good so far and can't wait
    to see your other "tweaks"!

  2. Remarkable. You make it sound easy, but seeing the picture, I am impressed with your vision as you put down those colors.

  3. ... now if I tried this I would have one muddy puddle of unartistic mess...

  4. My word Jacqui, you are a very talented lady. I have never heard of doing art this way and am looking forward to the result.
    I particularly like the vibrant colours you use.


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