Monday, September 28, 2009

Been There/Done That Sale at Studio

I am currently creating havoc in my studio. The above is a pre-havoc photo believe it or not. I decided recently to clear out some of the art supplies I bought in a previous artistic incarnation and to also put on drastic sale some of my older works before I truly discovered my style as it were. I need space. Space on the walls and space in the flat files.

So I committed by putting ad in the paper, put up fliers, and asked other artist friends to join in the fun. It is a good thing I am committed because I might have backed out. This is more work than I thought it would be.

Yes, several experts say to streamline your life you need to rid it of clutter. Those experts can afford hire people to do this. Admittedly I am getting some empty spaces in the flat files to put works in progress, etc. And hopefully after this weekend I will have more space on my walls, etc.

I once painted on watercolor paper and matted and framed under glass. And for 15 years I made Mardi Gras masks. Rather elaborate ones as you can see in this photo. All very wearable and quite collectable.

I even did sculpture. This one is called Hanging Eight on a Painted Turtle in a Volcanic Sea.

And I worked in pen and inks. I did that to break out of doing "pastel" watercolors in the traditional style oddly enough.

And I even tried my hand at selling my photography. The result has been to have tons of art supplies I no longer use. And inventory I have not sold because you cannot put the old stuff with the new stuff at the top fairs. Some no doubt I will keep like this pen and ink taken from a photo of me and my mother in a park in Rome.

But I am running out of walls to keep it all. Something has got to go. All my friends seem to be downsizing. I was just not prepared for the chaos that created.

Wish me luck this weekend.


  1. I do wish you luck -- hope you find homes for a lot of stuff and make some money too!

  2. The ink drawing is my favourite. Did youdo alot of this type of work? I also like very much the "hanging 10" I think new and old go together ok. It shows how you have grown artistically. Some people might like a selection of your works.

  3. Yes, Kwika, they can and do in my studio. But when you apply for a show you do so in one media and put your best foot forward. So they never get to travel to "better markets" as it were.

    I actually did and sold quite a lot of all my "periods" as it were. And that has probably not left me with the best examples hanging around.

    But I admit to holding on to some because I personally like them. I just don't need so many examples of my previous artistic ventures.

  4. I even have costumes I made that I will no doubt venture to sell. Need the closet space.

  5. I do wish you a lot of luck in your sale endeavors and also the pocketbook. This de-cluttering can take alot out of you. Emotionally and physically. Take care and drink green tea.

  6. The masks are spectacular. Surely they will sell? Although I love your current colourful style I found the pen and ink work to be very touching.

  7. I just love everything you create.

    This is going to be an interesting exercise and I can hardly wait for the outcome. Watch this space............


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