Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poetic Journey for Wednesday

Becky beat me again this week with her poem on My So-Called Life.

The Adventures of Dangerous Meredith

And once again I am going to cheat by posting an Oscar Wilde poem sent to me by Poem Hunter.com.


AS one who poring on a Grecian urn
Scans the fair shapes some Attic hand hath made,
God with slim goddess, goodly man with maid,
And for their beauty's sake is loth to turn
And face the obvious day, must I not yearn
For many a secret moon of indolent bliss,
When in the midmost shrine of Artemis
I see thee standing, antique-limbed, and stern?

And yet--methinks I'd rather see thee play
That serpent of old Nile, whose witchery
Made Emperors drunken,--come, great Egypt, shake
Our stage with all thy mimic pageants! Nay,
I am grown sick of unreal passions, make
The world thine Actium, me thine Antony!

Oscar Wilde

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  1. I like the poem. Sometimes we are weary of shallow entertainment and want something of depth (I think that's what he's saying here). But isn't it funny, too, that one of his own most enduring and endearing works is the very comical "The Importance of Being Earnest".

  2. I did the costumes and stage sets and lights for Earnest and I think it is true to say "more is said in jest" in its regard.

  3. I hadn't read any of Oscar's poetry before. Although he wrote those funny plays he also wrote some serious stuff. Apparently the Ballad of Reading Gaol is not a chuckle a minute and didn't he write that sad children's story about the statue?

    Anyhow Poem Hunter has supplied me with In Flanders Fields for today. Thanks for hosting

  4. The one I remember most is the creepy "Picture of Dorian Gray".

  5. big thanks to the author for new)


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