Friday, September 11, 2009


I have spoken about the exhibit my sister and I will be in this weekend: Illusions. It is not my first juried show but it my sister's. I am very thrilled for her. My three entries will all be included. I have showcased them here before one at a time but will put them all together here today.

The Stuff of Dreams

Lamentation of the Spirits

The Guardian of Illusions

There are some nice prizes connected with this exhibit and the opportunity to sell our works so wish me and my sister, Debbie, luck in both ventures.


  1. I absolutely wish luck to both of you. May it be a very profitable day! Your first piece above is one of my very favorites of yours.

  2. I want them all, but especially the one with the mission. Zowie.

  3. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

    You know because I have said it so many times, that Lamentation of the Spirits is my second favourite but I am willing to let it go to someone who can afford it providing that they give it a nice home.

    Haven't seen Guardian of the Illusions before - nice one.

    Have a wonderful time and it is so nice that you have your sister taking part with you. How exciting.

    All the luck in the world to both of you. (Just think this time next week you will be relaxing in a soa as oart of your profits!)

  4. Best of luck to both of you. Your paintings just get better and better. See you holding your award....I'll bet this is the case. Margaret

  5. Hear, Hear...I heartily agree with everyone's
    comments! Especially the relaxing at the spa as part of your rewards.

  6. GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!!! These lucious pictures deserve something... I especially love the lizard in the first one

  7. Lovely work, as I expect from you, now. Having read your later blog entry first, I can say WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS on the prize winning!


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.