Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Foto and Story

I took the above photo this spring at the Albuquerque Zoo with my sister. I recently posted it on a Facebook photography group named Photo Contest. And I was getting several very nice comments about it and a couple other pictures posted.

I don't like most of the games and applications on Facebook but I am becoming quite rapidly addicted to Scrabble there. And I love that they have groups with special interests. I wish Blogger would start groups. Anyway I belong to Book Nerds and a couple photography groups until this week. I am now down to just one photo group - one I and a friend began. The kinder and gentler photo group - Picture Picks.

I parted ways with Photo Contest when they began sending out blanket messages that we were breaking the rules. Well, I wasn't. And I had believed for some time several people had broken rules like "minimal photoshopping" but had held my tongue as it were. In a half hour period I got three messages from them about the same complaint. One in all capitals which is considered screaming in e-mail lingo.

I am an admin to two groups so I know you can select out just those breaking the rules and message them. I decided life was too short for such rudeness and went back and quietly deleted my photographs and removed myself from the group. They could have just as quietly gone and deleted the photos that did not follow the rules and message those people that broke them.

I think the flamingoes is still a beautiful photograph. I call it All Tucked Away.


  1. I call it a beautiful shot, too! Glad you're editing out the wet blankets in life. Have Fun! & never stop doing such good work!

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    I think the photo of the flamingoes is really beautiful, its so clear and sharp and thier colouring is just so striking, well done.
    As for the group, better not to stay somewhere your not happy. Afterall isn't social network sites suppose to be sociable?
    Best wishes.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.