Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Foto and Story

This Friday's photo is of Magique butting into yet another picture. It seems the only way I get a picture of her is by aiming the camera at something else.

This picture was taken at a Rubicon Rest this last weekend. The dogs are trained to get in the Jeep when we call Rubicon Up and out when we say Rubicon Rest. Doors fly open and four dogs and three people spill out to sniff out the neighborhood. For us two legged travelers this means photo opportunities. I wanted a picture of the old stump Magique is blocking. And for the dogs it means sniffing out the territory. There was a chipmunk borrow below this stump so getting a picture of it without all or part of four digs was not easy.

The dogs had a grand time at this Rubicon Rest running around in circles after rodents and new scent pictures. To their credit they seldom stray too far and are johnny on the spot when we call Rubicon Up.


  1. Magique is a natural in front of a camera so you cannot blame her for posing whenever she can! Fur kids smell cameras like human kids smell treats!

  2. Good profile of Magigue...and the stump is
    interesting too! ;~

  3. Magique is showing her good side


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