Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poetic Journey - One Sided Dialog

Mercury is in retrograde at the moment. It will be going direct on the 29th. I cannot wait Communication has definitely been hampered since the 7th and ergo the following poem.

One sided dialog

I know you think you heard
What you hoped I'd say
But I assure you
I did not say that.

Or was it me who thought I said
Something more direct
But in an effort to be not rued
Didn't make myself perfectly clear.

What I meant was not merely no
But hell no
A far cry from the maybe
You claim I agreed to.

It think it is an interesting idea
Is by no means agreement
Just because I might agree in principle
Is not reason to assume I will do it.

It seemd a very simple matter
Us on two sides of an issue
Neither right nor wrong
I just abhor how you managed it.

Saw my politeness as endorsement
And quoted me in agreement
Now it is clear
Your reality is not mine.

I know you wanted to hear
What you are now saying I said
But I assure you I did not
I said very clearly, to me, No Way!

You have enough company
With just the voices in your head
Changing monologue to dialog
Fact to fiction/fiction to fact.

For the record I said no.

(c) J. Binford-Bell

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  1. I have been on a roll with communication, good verbal exchanges and loquacity - must have something to do with being upside-down in the Southern hemisphere!
    The poem nicely expresses your retrogradedness and your communication difficulties!

    Here is my poem:

  2. ...'with just the voices in your head' - LOLOL.

  3. Excellent. This seems to be a natural in my life - not just when Mercury is in retrograde!!!


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