Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poetic Journey for Wednesday

Once again the week has passed and I have not put pen to paper. I had intended to do so today but spent five hours with my legal aid attorney and an hour going and an hour coming back. This is the first day of September and I already wish it would go away. So I am posting a poem hunter poem about October.

A Calendar of Sonnets: October

The month of carnival of all the year,
When Nature lets the wild earth go its way,
And spend whole seasons on a single day.
The spring-time holds her white and purple dear;
October, lavish, flaunts them far and near;
The summer charily her reds doth lay
Like jewels on her costliest array;
October, scornful, burns them on a bier.
The winter hoards his pearls of frost in sign
Of kingdom: whiter pearls than winter knew,
Oar empress wore, in Egypt's ancient line,
October, feasting 'neath her dome of blue,
Drinks at a single draught, slow filtered through
Sunshiny air, as in a tingling wine!

Helen Hunt Jackson

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  1. Very nice poem.

    So you want to skip the whole of September or just today? it has to be drastic. Don't tell me - it's the contractor from hell?

  2. Yes, five hours sounds serious. No wonder you want this month over with.

    October will be here in no time, trust me.

    I like the poem. It feels like October.

  3. I love this poem. All the seasons in one month.
    Spring has already sprung down here so I'm told though daffodils have been out since July.

  4. Your comments made me smile..if only we could miss the occasional month...just write it totally off the calender. September is a good month for us as it promises warmer weather.
    Mind you on the news last night the presenter said September means Christmas is not far away...how can that be...


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.