Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poetic Journey for Wednesday

It is time again for our Poetic Journey. If you have a poem to share this week leave a comment with your url.
Dangerous Meredith is the first to join our tour

As frequent readers know I have been having issues with being able to write poetry lately. I have been saying it has to do with time and not having enough of it. But I think it has to do with listening like art has to do with seeing. I watched the Movie August Rush this weekend and the child prodigy talks about being able to hear music all around him as if it comes from the universe.

I have had the ability since I was a child to "see" what others cannot see in the world around me when I take the time to look. I took a recess this week from my trials and tribulations and looked through the lens of a camera and was given gifts. And in a quiet moment words.

Glorious Gift

Just this moment
Sparkling in the mountain air.

This second of clarity
A gift of vision
Before me to see.

A rain drop on a leaf
A last fall flower
In a ray of sun
A single cone upon a pin bough.

The call of a falcon spotting prey
An eagle
Upon a snag
Seeing, hearing what I might have missed.

A cathedral of aspens
Rising before me
Drink for a thirsty traveler.

(c) J. Binford-Bell

If you have not seen August Rush may I suggest it to you. I found it a delight. Currently on DVD and available through Netflix.


  1. http://dangerousmeredith.blogspot.com/

    I have posted another poem by Dorothy Porter.

    This poem, with its nature inspired imagery, made me think of gerard manly hopkins.
    "My aspens dear, whose airy cages quelled,
    Quelled or quenched in leaves the leaping sun," comes from his poem Binsey poplars.

    "Soul, self; come, poor Jackself, I do advise
    You, jaded, let be; call off thoughts awhile
    Elsewhere; leave comfort root-room; let joy size
    At God knows when to God knows what; whose smile
    ’s not wrung, see you; unforeseen times rather—as skies
    Betweenpie mountains—lights a lovely mile."

    comes from My Own Heart let Me More Have Pity On.

  2. Taking time out with the camera is good for the soul.

    Your seeing ability is the gift you cannot replace or would want to. Your gift with words either in prose or verse, is to be used and cherished.

    Such beauty in this poem.

    I am struck by:

    Drink for a thirsty traveler.

    And I feel uplifted by your words.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.